Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Fish Decoy Chronicles Post One

I've been putting this off long enough since I had planned on starting long ago.  I don't know what to project onto this space, because that's not how creativity sneaks out of you.  I like folk art lures and decoys.  I've been in the antique business since I was a kid, when I opened our first shop in rural Illinois with my parents.  At ten I sold my first piece, a heavy old stove I bought at an auction for 3 bucks while my dad wasn't watching.  :)  It sold for $30 and I was hooked.  Speaking of hooked, the love for antiques and history led me eventually to collect and then to create.  Sometimes people like to share their fondness for this kind of thing.  Occasionally we like to compare and learn about other collectors passions.  So... reader beware... fishing decoys is what you're in for.

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