Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can Frog Decoys Swim Circles?

Most Frogs glide straight through the water and boy do they glide if you weight them correctly.  You can lead them with your jig stick and line of course, but they still glide back and forth more than they swim circles (mostly due to their legs out the back... why many people connect the legs at the feet and angle the feet one way).  I like making frog fishing decoys and I've come up with a few different designs that actually swim in a circle like a regular "fish" fish decoy.  This particular frog accomplishes that with the addition of a tadpolly tail.  I made him with jointed legs and after all was said and done and drilled and weighted and re-drilled and re-weighted (there's a lot of wood in them thare legs)... Well, these legs don't stay level as he swims, the kick up and down and actually give him some pretty darn close to real frog kickin action in the water.  I had fun taking these pictures and even put some blue food coloring in the ole bathtub water.

I'm getting a little soft water envy, been thinking too much about topwater lures lately I guess.  It's going to be a while before all these slushy lakes melt.

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