Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spearing with Lucy and Old and New Decoys: Frank Mizera and Stouffer

Got up at 6 a.m. went out on the Ice with Lucy in the Dark and cut our hole. Dragged out the ice with the tongs, set up the pop-up darkhouse and put one of Frank Mizera's old Decoys down the hole along with one of my early decoys, an take off on his. Lucy jigged mine, I jigged Franks. 9:15 the biggest Northern Pike I've ever seen came in under Lucy's corner, and looked like he would take up the whole hole. His back looked to be about 7 inches across down in the water. He was already turning away from the black and white decoy under Lu when I saw him and I lifted my spear to try for a shot he saw my shadow. It looked to me like he looked up at me through the water and with one flick of his powerful tail he shot off towards shore. The one that got away... Lucy didn't even get to see him. He was easily bigger than 36 inches.

Spearing my first Northern Pike December 9, 2011

I went spearing this afternoon. Didn't think I would make it in time. Six inches of ice here in Ely on most lakes. Arrived at 3:00, cut my hole and had the portable up in strong wind by 3:30. Sat down inside and put on one of my decoys, then one of my friend's Jay McEvers, then Harley Ragan's, then mine and back to McEvers (it has a "flasher" spinning blade attached. Let it sit in the hole. 4:05 a little one came in. I was so excited after not seeing anything but a sucker for 3 years that I threw at him. He got stuck between my tines, but not hurt, so I released him. He swam away fast. Put the decoy back in the hole, another one came in and nosed it and shot off like a rocket. Then a bigger one came in slowly. Sitting for a long time and making me nervous. Inching in... Inching in. I threw and pinned him to the bottom. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Blue is a good color.

26" pike. Beautiful.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Musings from Wild Green Onion: New Beginnings with the Past

Musings from Wild Green Onion: New Beginnings with the Past: As I sit down tonight with Nutmeg, my cat, curled up in my lap to write this, I'm excited for my first blog entry. Her rhythmic purring i...

Unknown Fish Decoy

Just got this from a friend of mine.  Very nice woodburned accents.  Pin eyes.  The style looks familiar but I am unable to identify.  It has nice sweeping fins and evident age.  Natural except for some white painted gill accents that match the fins.  It also has markings over the eyes, like brows.  Could be Native American.  Could be something else.  Whatever it is it is a fantastic piece of Folk Art.

If anyone has a clue about I.D. and the carver's state, let me know what you think.  If you've got pictures of anything else, follow the links to the right and email me.

Always buying vintage decoys and lures, especially folk art, so feel free to contact me.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Sister just Started her own business! Handmade Soaps, Lotions and Oils

Announcing the birth of Wild Green Onion!

Featuring the art and handcrafted natural body products of Rebecca Stouffer!

Visit my Sister's new site REBECCA STOUFFER'S handmade soaps, oils and body lotions for the same fantastic body products that Snowfire used to make.  Made right here in Ely, Minnesota.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fish Decoy Donated to Young Life in Ely, Minnesota

I donated this fish decoy to the Young Life Auction in Ely, Minnesota.  The Auction is at the Grand Ely Lodge in Ely, MN.  It begins at 6 p.m. tonight.  The fish decoy is valued at $150 to $175 and is handcrafted from cedar.  It has vintage Hills Bros Coffee fins and a copper tail that I salvaged from copper I found at the dump.  It has woodburned, then painted accents.  It is properly weighted to swim and is a fully functioning fish decoy.  It is in my folk art style and is the only fish decoy carved in the shape of an "S" that I have made.  It is signed on the bottom.

I've donated a decoy to support this organization for kids for the last several years.  You can support them by bidding at the Young Life Sweet Spring Auction each year.  Thanks.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Folk Art Fishing Decoy

My latest fishing decoy.  Frog in the style of a Leopard Frog with a little folk art touch.  Big Northern Pike love frogs.  Still want to swim test him one more time with my friend Joe before I position the line tie.  3 coats of clear coat, all hand painted.  Custom eyes hand-painted from vintage jewelry.  One of my new tricks for painting eyes is cheap nail polish.  It dries fast, hard and glossy.  This guy is $200.  SOLD Tack on a fiver for shipping, thanx.  Contact me by following the link to my website on the right hand side of this blog.  Thanx, Tim

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Froggermouse original

An original froggermouse.  Doubles as a fish decoy (cheater with hook) or a lure with a Bud Stewart style line tie on the side of the mouth.  Vintage tobacco tin tongue, metal ears, brush tail, vintage hook.  One of a kind inspired by the name :).

$125.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  Hit the link at the right for my website to contact me if you are interested.  Or post a comment below.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unknown Fish Decoys

Here are some unknowns that I've collected.  They are small.  Most likely used for lake trout fishing, jigging as most of the airplane style fish decoy lures were used.  They dart back and forth in the water.  From the tiny to the "make-do" handmade.  A couple obviously have a factory look to them.  They just look cool, even in their various states of paint loss and use.

This has been identified as a "Johnson Silver Minnow" Trout Jig, made by Sheldon Ivor Johnson of MN.

Thanks for looking.  If you've got anything like this in the bottom of an old tackle box, hanging in the rafters of your grandpa's garage or sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, let me know.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Friend David Perkins of DFD Duluth Fish Decoy

Duluth Fish Decoy rocks.  These guys are good friends of mine.  If you don't have a DFD fish decoy, you'll wish you did after watching this video.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minnesota Fishing Decoy Folk Art Gliding Frog FOR SALE

This guy is big, almost eleven inches.  He is carved from Minnesota white cedar that has been curing in my garage for 5 years.  The classic line tie is copper wire embedded in the lead weight so that it will not come out.  The teeth in the grinning open mouth are brass tacks.  This big frog was completed late last year and is signed "TJS ELY" on the bottom permanently by woodburning it into the body.

I spent quite a bit of time with the carved lips and the arms in relief on this guy. He was handpainted with base coats of white, yellow and orange, accented with a gold and blue rub.  I used green, red, gold and blue to give it an older finish, not really distressed, but aged.  Your eyes are drawn to the eyes of the frog because of their big blue size.  These are antique german teddy bear eyes that I acquired in mass quantities several years ago.  They are becoming somewhat of a trademark on some of my large decoys.  They really add personality and make the decoy unique, that is for sure.

PRICE ON THIS FISH DECOY IS $125.00 PLUS $5 FOR SHIPPING.  Contact me through the link to my website in the right column.  Posting email addresses and links on blogs don't play well with the robot spam thingy hack jobs that search the web trying to make life interesting for all of us.  I will accept paypal, just let me know and I'll send you an invoice.  Otherwise money order, personal check are fine.

This is a one of a kind creation.  Handcarved with a knife.  Handpainted with care.

Thanks for lOOking!  Tim

Frogger Fish Decoy Click for Larger Image

Close up of Eyes and Mouth

10 3/4 inches long

Cool, aged look

Belly of the Beast

It'll look great in your collection click for larger image