Friday, February 18, 2011

A Find in the Field from Yesteryear

Got a call the other day.  "Come look at some trout jigs, can't use em anymore."  So off I went.  Nothing outstanding to report in the way of wood, but I did find this nice red and white with a smiley face and horse hair tail that is most likely the work of Frank Mizera.  With it was a classic William Walden "bullet" lake trout airplane lure in brass.  Tagging along for the ride is a rather large unknown black and white cheater decoy that has a trailing stinger.  It could be from "LEE's" but I'm not positive about that.  So, not exactly what I was hoping for, but nothing to sneeze at either.  I was happy and met someone new.

William Walden (brass bullet) Frank Mizera (red white)  Click for Larger Image

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