Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Present from Mom

For Christmas my Mom gave me some lures from my dear Dad's tackle box.  Most of these were plastic Heddons that he gave to my Grandfather for gifts.  Grandpa liked to fish with them up here. Grandpa brought us first to Ely, Minnesota 44 years ago and more where we all ended up in 1995.  Christmas was tough without Dad this year, but I'm so thankful that he got to spend it with Christ, thanks for looking.

All cleaned up. First liquid soap and warm water, then WD40 with toothbrush.  I now see the square lips are Heddon Deep 6.

Others are deep dives, tiny deep dives and 1 go deeper.
Wood Go Deeper Crap with gold eyes. Has rubs, but I love the white on black color.

Well, nothing out of the ordinary I guess, but cleaned up they look better and it was a good 
Christmas present to get something that belonged to my Dad and Grandpa.  Tim Stouffer

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