Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spearing my first Northern Pike December 9, 2011

I went spearing this afternoon. Didn't think I would make it in time. Six inches of ice here in Ely on most lakes. Arrived at 3:00, cut my hole and had the portable up in strong wind by 3:30. Sat down inside and put on one of my decoys, then one of my friend's Jay McEvers, then Harley Ragan's, then mine and back to McEvers (it has a "flasher" spinning blade attached. Let it sit in the hole. 4:05 a little one came in. I was so excited after not seeing anything but a sucker for 3 years that I threw at him. He got stuck between my tines, but not hurt, so I released him. He swam away fast. Put the decoy back in the hole, another one came in and nosed it and shot off like a rocket. Then a bigger one came in slowly. Sitting for a long time and making me nervous. Inching in... Inching in. I threw and pinned him to the bottom. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Blue is a good color.

26" pike. Beautiful.

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