Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spearing in Ely 2013

A couple of days after Christmas 2013 we went spearing.  It was a warm day and when we had cut our holes and Simon finished sawing through the ice Lucy pulled the block out with the tongs.  It was about 6 inches thick and had separated from a piece underneath that was about 11 inches thick.  The slush/snow in between had formed an air barrier of sorts that turned into a pocket I guess.  It was weird.

It was fun pulling the sled across the lake, drilling the holes, cutting the block and setting up the black pop up.  It was great to be outdoors with my two oldest.  The way they took charge and knew how to handle the equipment, the way they worked together with smiles on their faces.

We sat together in the darkness, swimming some of our favorite decoys, our spear lines tied around our legs and peered over the edge of the ice down into the stained water.  Those 90 minutes before it became dark outside were some of the best moments of my year.

We didn't see a fish, but it didn't matter.  Perhaps you'll see a little of what I mean with the pictures.  After losing my Father just before Thanksgiving, I treasure simple things and times spent with family even more.  It was a good day, even if short.  The "catch" of the day was priceless for me.

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